Animal health: The role of supplements in animal health.

The theory of togetherness: A complete approach to supplements and animal health:
At Animal Health Food we have developed a unique concept 'The theory of togetherness' that lies at the heart of all our formulations.

The theory of togetherness combines two principals that have had a major impact on animal health and nutrition.
1: The synergistic effect of nutrients
It has been known for years that nutrients do not work on their own: they work together as a group. It is the combined interaction of nutrients that give them their biological function.
2: Biochemical Individuality and animal health.

Every animal is different. They are not only different in looks and size they are different even down to the cellular level. What works for one animal will not work for all.
The theory of togetherness is not just about using a shotgun approach to nutrition. It is not about throwing everything into the pot and hoping for the best because many nutrients are toxic if given in excess and can have a detrimental effect on animal health. The theory of togetherness requires a more sophisticated approach. Each problem requires a different solution. Much of our research is conducted to determine

  1. Which combination of nutrients works best in a given situation?
  2. what is the optimum amount of each nutrient?
  3. Which nutrients are effective across the widest range of individuals?
  4. How we make our animal health supplements.
    Our quality supplements are manufactured through stringent quality assurance and current good manufacturing practices (GMP). Our manufacturing facility is EU approved facility: registration number GB NI/3930.
    Quality assurance at Animal health Food is not just based on a list of procedures it is a continuous process of measuring and recording the progress of a product through the different stages of manufacture
    Good manufacturing practices involves every area of the production process like people, buildings, equipment, machinery, raw materials, quality assurance checks, inventory control, processing, mixing, packaging, storage and delivery.
    We guarantee that your product will reach you in the best possible condition, that it will contain the finest quality ingredients and that it will include the correct amount of those ingredients.

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1: Raw Material: Selection & Specifications.
We choose the highest grade of ingredients available. All purchased raw material is tested to ensure that it meets our specification and that the form of the material is best suited for its intended species. The ingredients are given an Animal Health Food code so that they can be traced throughout the manufacturing process all the way to the place where you bought the product.
2: Our supplier partner's.
Raw materials are purchased only from approved suppliers. These suppliers are selected according to a rigid quality standard and they share our quality vision. We look for value in price so that we can give you economically priced products: but we believe that price is not as important as quality.
3: Storage of Ingredients.
All raw-material is stored under conditions that ensure their potency and freshness and are rotated on a first-in, first-out system.
4: Manufacturing.
Small is beautiful. Most of our products are made to order and we have developed an advanced technology that allows us to make very small batches of product automatically direct from our ordering system. The manufacturing of your supplement is automatically controlled under the supervision of trained staff. All products are fully traceable.

5: Weighing.
Weigh ingredients is an important point in manufacturing of your supplement. Any mistake in weighing will seriously affect product quality. Each ingredient is double checked at weighing. Assurance in weighing is also achieved by testing balances against standard weights on a daily bases. All scales are calibrated annually by an external auditor.
6: Mixing.
The mixing process is another critical phase in the manufacture of your supplement. AHF mixers produced homogenous mixes that use minimum energy. The length of mixing time varies from product to product and is also extremely important to product quality. It is an interesting fact that mixers when the reach the point of maximum dispersion they will start to de-mix the product if it is allowed to run on beyond this Animal Health Food mixers are fitted with a preset timer that switches the mixer off at the critical point. Our mixers are regularly tested to make sure you get a quality supplement.
7: Packaging.
All our packaging must conform to human food grade quality standards and arrive securely wrapped with fully quality control documentation.
8: Labelling.
The label on your supplement provides complete information about the product it also contains a batch number and barcode that tell us everything we need to know about how it was made and who we sold it to.
9: Checking and Recording
As your supplement proceeds through every stage of the process its progress is checked and recorded. These records are securely stored and can be inspected at any time by the Regulatory Authority.
10: Full traceability.
Through our barcode system we can trace your supplement from the supplier of the ingredients all the way to your door with our unique barcode 'sure-trace' system.
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  1. Day One for Lambs at Lambing Season

    Day One

    Price: £14.95

    A shot for survival ath lambing. Gets lambs up and thriving fast
    Charges the system

    • Gut
    • Digestion
    • Muscle
    • Immune system
    • Heart
    • Energy

    65 lamb size

    Easy to give: one squeeze on back of the tongue as soon as possible after birth
    Economical: lambs thrive for just 16p per lamb

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  2. Activity for Dogs - Activity for Arthritis in Dogs - Better than Gluscomanine for Dogs


    Price: £13.95

    Builds Strong Joints Nine Ways to Help Arthritis In Dogs

    • Better flexibility
    • Stronger bones
    • Greater comfort
    • Safer than drugs
    • No side effects
    • Puts get up and go into tired old joints
    • Improves shock absorbency
    • Lubricates
    • Makes walking easy
    • Maintains the normal function of joints, tendons and ligaments

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  3. Best Behaviour Horse Calmer is Better than Magenesium for Horses

    Best Behaviour

    Price: £12.95

    The Horse Calmer that calms nerves and soothes muscle
    Hidden muscle problems can cause horses to behave erratically and resist or over-react to the aids. Best Behaviour contains Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) to take care of any nagging muscle problems.

    Enjoy the ride
    Riding: Calms the nerves and helps the muscles allowing you and your horse to relax and enjoy the ride.
    Training: Your horse will learn faster and be better able to adapt to new situations.
    Competing: Calms without dulling and improves concentration.

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