Builds Strong Joints Nine Ways to Help Arthritis In Dogs

  • Better flexibility

  • Stronger bones

  • Greater comfort

  • Safer than drugs

  • No side effects

  • Puts get up and go into tired old joints

  • Improves shock absorbency

  • Lubricates

  • Makes walking easy

  • Maintains the normal function of joints, tendons and ligaments

Price: £13.95
Activity for Dogs - Activity for Arthritis in Dogs - Better than Gluscomanine for Dogs

Your Dog's Weight (Kg)

No. of Days Pack Will Last

Cost Per Day

*At maintenance servings

Contains per 5 g
Glucosamine (as both Hcl and Sulphate) 1250mg
Hydrolysed Collagen 250mg
MSM 300mg
Chondroitin 160mg
Hyaluronic acid 10mg
Vitamin E 35iu
Salmon oil powder 1853mg
.....Linolenic acid (Omega 3) 53mg
.....Docosahexanoic Acid (DHA) 31.2mg
…..Eicosapentanoic Acid (EPA) 21.8mg
Sure-Flax10TM Omega powder
C18:3 Linolenic acid (Omega 3) 39.93mg
C18:2 Linoleic acid (Omega 6) 11.18 mg
C18:1 Oleic acid (Omega 9) 9.30mg
Typical Analysis - * Expressed as total fatty acids (area percentage) measured as fatty acid methyl esters.
Use in pregnant and lactating animals has not been evaluated
Non GM. Free from preservative, coloring, wheat, wheat gluten, maize, no junk, no added selenium or vitamin A so safe to add to all brands opf dog food.

Managing your dog’s mobility problems has never been easier because Activity combines all the major joint builders in one concentrated serving.
We believe that we make the highest specification dog joint supplement available.
Activity is the first all-in-one mobility supplement to include all nine building block nutrients at this concentration. Cartilage, bone, synovial fluid, ligaments and muscle are all helped by Activity’s unique formula.

Get fresh.
We use only fresh ingredients. We have a unique arrangement with our ingredient suppliers they supply us with regular, fresh, small orders so we do not have large quantities of material stored for ages before it is used. We make small batches eliminating the need to store large quantities of finished product. Activity is made fresh and shipped fresh.  

No rubbish
Activity knocks the stuffing out of old fashioned supplements. No carrier, no preservative, no wheat, no maize, no gluten, no padding, no genetically modified raw materials no harmful chemicals, no herbs, no rubbish, no stuffing, no vitamin A or selenium so safe to use with all dog food
just pure natural food ingredients. There has never been so much goodness in one spoonful.

Smaller serving lasts longer.
Activity is highly concentrated: our serving size is much smaller than other joint supplements so the container lasts a lot longer

Cost effective.
As you would expect Activity is not cheap because our ingredients are expensive but when you compare the cost per day you will see that it is extremely good value.  We could make a cheaper supplement but we don’t want to.    

Compare our formula
When you compare our formula with other mobility supplements the quality and effectiveness of Activity is apparent. However, It is not always easy to compare the contents of Activity because a great many inferior supplements do not tell you how much of each ingredient they contain. They tell you what the ingredients are but not their strength. Activity’s label declares all the ingredients and how much of each ingredient it contains. You can draw your own conclusion as to why some lower-grade supplements withhold this information from dog owners.

Activity contains nutrients (food ingredients) and nothing but nutrients. It is not a medicine it is not designed to cure arthritis unfortunately there is currently no drug that will cure arthritis: they merely mask the symptoms. 'If Activity doesn't cure arthritis in dogs what good is it? The answer lies in the definition of a medicine and a nutrient.

A medicine is a chemical substance intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of disease. A nutrient is a food substance that are used to build and repair tissues and are needed by animal to live, grow and as an energy source. Activity provides nutrients that support the joint: nutrients work to a more natural rhythm and time scale. Medicines for arthritis dogs are fast acting and treat the symptoms pain and inflammation quickly where Activity takes up to six weeks to see an effect.

Nutrients do not act on their own they work in combination with other nutrients that's why single nutrient experiments rarely work. Nutrients work in harmony with each other. We call this the theory of togetherness.

Synovial fluid is the lubricating liquid between the bones that allows the joint to float and move freely. Activity contains 10,000mcg of Hyaluronic Acid (The gooey molecule) which is the raw material needed by your dogs body to make synovial fluid.

Cartilage is a hard rubber like material that covers the ends of the bones and helps absorb the shock of movement. Cartilage is composed primarily of collagen and collagen and Activity contains 100mg of collagen in the most effective form Type II hydrolysed Collagen.

Activity is high in Glucosamine 1250mg, MSM and Chondroitin. Activity is not only one of the highest sources of Glucosamine available it is the only joint supplement to contain Glucosamine in both the sulphate and the hydrochloride form to ensure its more efficient use and absorption.

Activity contains salmon oil in a unique powdered form develop exclusively by us to extend the stability of the high Omega3 content. Salmon oil is a very effective joint nutrient that is not only good for mobility but also helps the heart and gives a healthy sheen to the coat.

In keeping with our togetherness theory where we believe in balancing the body in a synergistic, natural way we have blended flax hulls that are high in lignans that are excellent for digestive health.

Activity contains 35iu of vitamin E the powerful antioxidant vitamin that helps preserve the salmon oil and helps the immune system and is an essential ingredient for your dog's muscle metabolism and is particularly good for dogs that are feeling the effects of age or discomfort.

Money Back Guarantee.

If your dog does not respond to Activity and if you see no difference by the time you finish this pack we will give you your money back. In our business our customers are not number one their dogs are. Activity will give most dogs a new lease of life but unfortunately for a variety of reason a very small number of dogs may not be helped as well as we would wish. We care only about helping your dog and if we fail to do that we will give you your money back. If you are unhappy with your dog's response email it is quicker than phoning because our lines are always busy but if you don't mind waiting phone William on 028 41754496 and he will look after you.

Returns Policy.

We love our products and we are proud that we earn our living by making dog's lives better but sometimes a product may fail to meet your expectations and you might want to return it so we have created a no-fuss returns policy.

If you buy a product from us and you are not satisfied, we want to know about it so that we can look after you and give you back your money. You can return anything you buy from us free. All you have to do is phone us on 028417 54496 or better still because our phones are always busy and you may have to wait, send us an email and we will send you a pre-paid return label and you send the product back and we will return your money: no questions asked.

How will it help?

When you give your dog Activity its joints will run more smoothly and it will become more active and its mobility and flexibility will improve.

Will Activity work for my dog?

The vast majority of dogs will show a dramatic improvement when they are supplemented with Activity. A smaller number while they will not have the significant reaction of the majority will still have a great improvement and their life will be a lot happier. A small number of dogs, about 5% will not show any obvious improvement but even these dogs will benefit in that the progress of the condition will be held in check. They will not get any worse. If your poor dog is in the unlucky low response 5% we will give you your money back.

Are there any known problems with Activity: is it safe?

Activity contains only nutrients (Food ingredients) it is perfectly safe to use and there have n ever been any reported side effects. Activity is manufactured in our EU registered factory so every stage of the manufacturing process must dco0nform to EU legislation. Because we also manufacture supplements for new born farm animals like lambs and calves, we have to conform to a much stricter quality control systems than do manufacturers who only make supplements for pets.

When will I see a difference?

A few dogs show a dramatic improvement within days but the majority take from four to six weeks and an occasional dog can take eight weeks before you will notice a change. Activity provides your dog with the building material needed to support your dog's joints, this is a slow natural process that cannot be rushed.

My Vet has prescribed medication can I give Activity as well?

We always recommend that you discuss any change of diet or supplement with your vet. Activity contains no harmful chemicals and can be given without concern under all conditions but your vet should be informed.

What is the daily dose of Activity?

The amount you give your dog is weight dependent. The serving size is calculated at 0.25g of Activity per kilogram of body weight. When you first start giving your dog Activity you will give a double serving, this is the 'loading' period use. When your dog is showing a good response you cut back to a normal 'maintenance dose. There is a double sided scoop inside every pack of Activity and clear instructions as to how much to give your dog. A collie for example would receive 10 grams daily during the initial 'loading' period and this would be reduced to a 5 gram serving daily for the long term 'maintenance' period.


What is the cost of Activity per day?

Activity is exceptional value when you compare it on a cost per day basis,

The cost per day is approximately 10 pence per day per 10 kilograms of body weight.

If your dog is 20kg the cost is 20p per day, a very large dog of say 50kg would cost 50p per day to supplement with Activity. See table

Is it free of artificial substances?

Activity contains no artificial colour or preservative. It has no Genetically modified ingredients, no wheat, no maize, no filler just pure natural nutrition made with care.

How natural and environmentally friendly is Activity?

In environmental terms Activity is squeaky clean. We buy most of our raw materials from Britain Ireland and Europe in order to reduce the impact of haulage and delivery. We are proud to boast that our flax seed is grown under a mile from our factory.

How does Activity differ from other arthritis supplements?

Activity builds strong joints nine ways, no other supplement combines these nutrients at this level of strength. Activity works throughout the joint building strong bones, ligaments, muscle, cartilage and synovial fluid

I am giving my dog medicine for arthritis can I also give it Activity?

While Activity I very safe we always recommend that if your dog is receiving any form of medication you should always seek veterinary advice.

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