Dog Care Supplements

Proper dog care begins with good nutrition. We are what we eat and our dogs are what we feed them.

Our dog supplements are made with carefully chosen nutrients that act together like the musicians in an orchestra to give your dog a long, healthy and happy life.

In the twentieth century the discovery of vitamins and the recognition of the role of essential elements in the prevention of deficiency created an enormous health benefit for all animals including dogs. Historically supplements were exclusively about ensuring freedom from deficiency.

Supplements were formulated to provide the nutrients that were lacking in the dog's diet. In recent years the development of nutraceutical and functional foods has extended the role of nutrition in the dog care market.
Hippocrates the founding father of medicine ;'Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food' The idea of food as medicine was widely accepted by the veterinary profession until they fell out of favour with the development of veterinary drug therapy in the nineteenth century. However the development of supplements that provide health benefits such as functional foods and nutraceutical has re-established the role of nutrition in dog care.

Dog Care and Dog Joint Care

It is distressing and worrying to see your once active and lively dog become uncomfortable and stiff and it is sad that you can no longer to enjoy a stick throwing game or a run in the park. One of the greatest achievements of modern nutritional science in dog care is the development of supplements that help unfortunate dogs with joint problems. Gone are the days when many poor dogs suffered misery and pain without any hope of relief.
Older Dog Care Senior dogs need a lot more care and attention than they did when they were younger. Some breeds of dog's age more rapidly than others: some giant breeds begin to show signs of aging whereas some toy breeds can be twelve years old or more before they show signs of ageing. Dogs are living longer due to improved veterinary care and many of the symptoms of old age can be arrested by good nutrition.

Dog Care: Hip Problems

Many problems affecting hips are caused by genetic weaknesses in the dog's conformation and this type of problem is often difficult to fix without surgery however in recent years as our knowledge of the problem has increased, many Veterinary surgeons have found that nutrition can be a help in achieving a satisfactory outcome to these problems.

The role of nutrition in dog care.

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