Livestock Supplements

Every stockman knows how vulnerable young animals are. Their immature digestive tract leaves them vulnerable to every potential challenge on the farm. Our supplements provide the targeted nutrition to get the digestive tract working fast.
Lambs, calves, foals and piglets will be better able to withstand the difficult first days of life.

  1. Day One for Lambs at Lambing Season

    Day One

    Price: £14.95

    A shot for survival ath lambing. Gets lambs up and thriving fast
    Charges the system

    • Gut
    • Digestion
    • Muscle
    • Immune system
    • Heart
    • Energy

    65 lamb size

    Easy to give: one squeeze on back of the tongue as soon as possible after birth
    Economical: lambs thrive for just 16p per lamb

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