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A totally new concept: soothing both nerves and muscle. If your horse is tense, spooky, resisting the aids or being inattentive or suffers from performance anxiety or is simply becoming a handful, Best Behaviour is the solution. Best Behaviour introduces something new to horse calmers it is designed to support both the nervous system and muscle function because many horses are unable to concentrate or become difficult because their muscles are tight or sore.  Best Behaviour will relax your horse without dulling its ability to compete.

  1. Best Behaviour Horse Calmer is Better than Magenesium for Horses

    Best Behaviour

    Price: £12.95

    Pack Size: 300g
    Cost Per Day: 34p
    Servings: 30

    Money Back Guarantee

Why is Best Behaviour superior to other products?

•    No othehorse calmer settles the nerves and eases the muscle
•    Low cost 34p daily at maintenance dose
•    A little goes a long way.
•    Calms without effecting performance.
•    Very safe: can be used every day
•    Can be used on day of competition
•    Fast acting.

We think that Best Behaviour is superior to other old fashioned products because it is the first to calm anxiety and nerves and ease the muscle. See how it works

How Our Horse Calmers Work

You may wonder what the muscle has to do with behaviour but the rationale for using MSM is quite simple: the horse is an athlete, even if it is just hacking on a bridle path it has to bear your weight and be able to move freely at different gaits. Everyone who has done any kind of physical exercise will have felt slight stiffness and muscle soreness afterwards and it’s the same for your horse.

 If you suffer from a little post-exercise soreness you can take it easy and avoid over stretching but your horse has no such luxury and it is no surprise if it sometimes gets agitated and acting-up to avoid being uncomfortable. Sports people routinely take MSM both to help their muscle before a work-out. MSM works for people and it works for horses.  

Magnesium is also a vital component in the Best Behaviour calming narrative. Magnesium is the big hitter in almost all horse calmers and the calming benefit it offers to nervous excitable horses is well known. Magnesium is a vital nutrient for normal nerve and muscle function. Magnesium helps control the flow of calcium into the nerve cells.  
But sometimes Magnesium is not enough as many users of magnesium supplements have found.

Best Behaviour’s calming ability is further improved with L-Tryptophan
a natural amino acid that helps produces the hormone serotonin that may create a feeling of well-being in your horse. Best Behaviour’s fast acting formula also contains 800mg Vitamin B1 making it superior to all other calming products.

Ingredients per 10g (Maintenance dose)
Magnesium    4500mg
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)    550mg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride)    400mg
L-Tryptophan (Essential Amino Acid)    80mg

Best Behaviour is free from prohibited substances and is highly concentrated and fast acting. No herbs, no artificial colouring or preservative.
It will last a 500kg horse for one month at maintenance level and is among the best value horse calmers costing only 34 pence per day

Best Behaviour Horse Calmers FAQ’s

How will it help?
Best Behaviour will help steady your horse, help it to focus and be less distracted. You will be better able to enjoy the ride without having to worry about your horse’s over-anxiety or spookiness.
Will it work for my horse?
Best Behaviour works extremely well for (85%) the majority of horses. However it cannot perform miracles and a small percentage of horses about 15% will show some improvement but a lot less than the majority and an unlucky tiny number (5%) of horses will show no improvement.  The only way to prove whether or not Best Behaviour will work for your horse is to try it.

Horses that are hard to box, shoe or clip
Best Behaviour is perfect for horses that are difficult to manage at these times. Give for a couple of days before the anticipated problem.

The benefit  to the dressage horse.
Best Behaviour is perfect for dressage horses because of its muscle soothing and nerve calming ingredients. Best Behaviour improves concentration and flexibility.

Help when breaking and schooling young horses.
Best Behaviour makes life easier for both the young horse and rider. Best Behaviour helps the young horse relax and allows it to stretch more comfortably during the early work.

Don’t expect miracles.
Best Behaviour is one of the most comprehensive of horse calmers and it will work well for most horses. Occasionally one encounters horses that are completely unpredictable and dangerous. Fortunately such horses are rare and it is often possible with patient handling and the skill of an expert rider to get to the bottom of such horses but a horse calmer supplement however good is likely to improve this sort of wild, impulsive behaviour.    

Horse calmers; the limitations.
Sometimes the skill and ability of the rider is mismatched to the athleticism and keenness of the horse. In these cases a horse calmer cannot unfortunately improve the proficiency of the rider.

An excitable rider will often cause the horse to become equally excited. A jittery rider makes for a jittery horse. Horses are great at sensing your mood so make sure you take a little time to relax before you even put your foot in the stirrup.

Why these supplements sometimes need extra help.
Many horses suffer from ulcers and as you can imagine ulcers cause a lot of irritability and discomfort which may cause a horse to become fractious and unfocused. If you find that Best Behaviour is not working as well as you had hoped it might be worth having your horse scoped by your vet to eliminate the possibility of ulcers.  

Less effective over time.
Generally horses respond well to long term use of Best Behaviour in other words if it works today it will work this time next year. A very few horses (about 2%) do seem to become habituated after a few months of supplementation. The solution is simple, stop giving the product for about a week and then resume.
Horse calmers are they safe for long term use.
Products such as Best Behaviour are very safe for everyday long term use but in order to maintain the full effect you should regularly give your horse a few days off the supplement. Most people find that their horse responds very well to this type of regime but if you find your horse does best on continuous administration it is perfectly safe to do so.

Are they safe to give with drugs?
Best Behaviour is safe to give with most drugs but you must check with your vet if your horse is on any medication. Safe use in pregnant mares has not been proven.

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