We are passionate about our ingredients. We always go and see for ourselves where our ingredients are grown or produced. We have walked through the fields of flax where our flaxseed is grown: the farm is only a mile from our factory. We have walked along the Atlantic shore where our seaweed is grown. We have been to the Scottish Loughs where our salmon oil is produced. All our suppliers are as passionate about their product as we are. They are our friends we trust them. You can trust them too.

When a new consignment of ingredients arrives in our factory we look at it, we smell it and we taste it. That’s right we taste it: tasting is not normally included in text-book quality control but we think it’s a good idea. You can tell a lot about freshness and quality from tasting. I have to tell you that some vitamins taste vile: bitter is not the word for it but dogs like it and they will lick it off your hand. Keith our production manager says ‘Eating this stuff everyday, no wonder we are all so healthy’                                
Ingredient to product
Good ingredients need careful handling. We have developed novel manufacturing techniques that carefully protect the nutrients during the production process. We believe that small is beautiful. We never make large batches where product is aggressively mixed in giant mixers. We make only small batches because we believe in treating our supplements gently to preserve their integrity. We believe that making good supplements takes time. We blend our supplements slowly to ensure proper mixing of the ingredients and to reduce heat and friction that might result from high speed agitation.

Product safety is at the heart of everything we do: our process have been designed to insure quality and safety at every stage of the operation.
When we formulate a product we pay particular attention to ingredient safety. Ingredients and finalised product is only passed as fit if they conform to rigid safety checks.  During the production process a foolproof traceability and check system regulates and each ingredient to ensure that it conforms to the specification. We can trace every product at every stage of its lifecycle.

Our products are unique. We do not slavishly copy other manufacturer’s formulations. We develop completely new solutions to old problems. Our product development is  based not just on the latest scientific advances but also taking into account the real lives of animals and how they and their owners respond to our products. We continue to develop new products that help animals throughout their lifetime.
Dogs are more than pets they are part of our family. For many people they are the only family they have. That’s why we take such care in choosing fresh, wholesome and natural ingredients. Your dog deserves the best and we only choose the most wholesome ingredients: the kind you would choose for yourself and your family

The love of horses is a lifetime obsession. We may have a lot of other interests in our lives but when we are bitten by the horse bug it never leaves us. Our horses give us so much pleasure it is small wonder that we want to make sure they stay healthy and sound throughout their lives.  Here at AHF we share your passion for horses and we understand the relationship between you and your horse.    
We make products that help young animals survive and thrive. Helping reduces losses of new-born animals is probably the most important job the stockman has on the farm. Our products are designed to give you all the support you need in that vital function.


We do no harm to people, dogs, animals or the earth. Here at AHF looking after the environment comes naturally to us: it just develops from doing things the right way. By using only fresh ingredients and insisting that your dogs supplement gets to you in the freshest possible condition we find we are helping the environment and reducing waste, packaging, fuel on transport, pollution and storage space   

Being fresh creates an active green policy that works throughout our business. We buy locally where we can in the British Isles. We buy small lots to ensure freshness so we save on transport and fuel. We make small batches so we save on energy and storage space. We make concentrated products so we eliminate wasteful and possibly harmful unnecessary fillers and we save on packaging.
We care for the environment and our ‘green-programme’ saves us money. We use less water, we use less energy, we reduce waste, we save storage space, we use very little preservative and no GM ingredients and we use no filler.   
Keith our production manager says ‘If we save any more on energy and water we will not be able to boil the kettle’